Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate

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Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate is an easy to install and remove pressure-mounted gate measuring 29 x 40 inches. It can be mounted at the top of the stairs or on doorways using the wall cups to affix the gate on the wall. The product also comes with a lever style handle and a lock that can be released with a single touch. Made with 100% durable steel, the gate is JPMA certified and qualifies to the standards set by the ASTM.


Aside from securing doorways and top stairs, the latch for closing the gate can easily be handled with just one hand. Moreover, adults learn quickly how to maneuver the handle but it will take children with small hands a bit more time to let themselves out of the gate. The coils situated on the sides also provides the gate with great tension making it even more sturdier. There’s also an extension that allows installing the gate in wider spaces.


Some customers have trouble connecting the latch to the other part of the gate while other have trouble figuring out how to install the gate properly. Other people on the other hand, received packages that do not fit to the places where they intended to install the gate. There are also some parents who claim that their children have managed to open the gate or bend the bars.