Nursery Safety Tips

Nurseries are one place where babies will spend most of their time. Thus, parents should take time to ensure that this corner of their house serves as safe haven for their infant. It is important for parents to make nurseries as safe as possible for their kids. They should keep in mind the following things;

  • Drapery and blind cords should be out of reach of babies.

  • Smoke screen detector should be installed in the nursery.

  • Window guards should be installed; these things prevent babies from falling out from windows.

  • Cribs, playpens, and children’s furniture should be placed as far as possible form windows

  • Electrical outlets should be covered with plug protectors.

  • Lid for children’s box should not be heavy and hinged to prevent accidental entrapment of children.

  • Coo-air humidifier are better than using vaporizers. However, parents should constantly clean the equipment in their spare time to prevent bacteria and mold growth.

As for changing tables, the following tips should be carried out:

  • Changing table should come with a safety belt.

  • When changing, parents should place baby powder and other supplies as far away from their babies.

  • Parents should never leave their children alone on a changing table.

  • Cribs or changing tables should be lined with a carpet or nonskid rug.

Cribs can be made safer by the following practices:

  • When babies can already stand on their own, parents may remove bumper pads, toys, pillows, and stuffed animals from the crib.

  • When babies can already use their hands and knees to get up, parents are advised to remove crib gyms and hanging toys and decorations from cribs.

  • Parents should check cribs for elevated corner pots or decorative cutouts in end panels.

  • Cribs should be fitted with mattress, and parents should ensure that there are no gaps. This will prevent babies from slipping spaces in crib sides.

  • Parents should ensure that slots on cribs measure no more than 2 3/8 inches apart.

  • Screws and bolts should be tightly embedded on the crib.

  • The crib should be free of plastic bags and other plastic material.

  • Cribs should be free of small things that can possibly choke babies.

  • Night lights and drapes should be set far away from cribs to prevent these things from catching fire.

  • Babies should lie on their back while sleeping to reduce risk of sudden infant death syndrome.