Furniture Tip Overs

With their tendency to constantly play, children are never 100% safe even at home. Thus, it is no wonder that emergency rooms are sometimes filled with parents bringing their children for emergency care after suffering from unforeseeable accidents in their homes. Children are prone to falling from or getting hurt by different types of furniture, including desks, cabinets, or bookshelves. Naturally, kids are fond of exploring nooks and corners of their homes and that’s what makes them prone to home-related injuries.

Thus, it is the job of parents to ensure that their homes remain a safe haven for their children. Heavy furniture and other appliances, such as televisions, should be mounted on walls to prevent them from falling to children. It is better if bookshelves and dressers in kids’ rooms are also screwed on walls.

The following are other safety precautions that parents should practice to ensure safety of their children:


Furniture should be equipped with wide legs or solid bases. Meanwhile, parents are advised to install drawer stops on chests and drawers, and store heavy items on parts of shelves that are close to the floor. They can also use safety traps or L-brackets to strap their furniture to walls of their homes. On the other hand, toys and other items that may catch the attention of children should be placed on furniture top.


Flat screen TVs should be mounted on walls. However, when using TV stands, they should be compatible with brand of TV installed. Safety straps should be used to secure TVs on TV stands, which should be secured to the wall as well.

Parents should ensure that cords are properly hidden to prevent these things from tripping their children. For older version of TVs, such things must be paced on stands that are especially designed for such appliances. Older TVs should not be placed on top of dressers as these things may not be able to hold the weight of the appliance. In addition, TV stands should be placed as close to the wall as possible.