Comotomo Baby Bottle

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Comotomo Baby Bottle is designed to mimic breastfeeding in babies so that they will not reject the bottle that much. It has a wide neck which allows easy cleaning of the bottle without the use of a brush. The product can also be used safely in microwaves, boiling water, as well as dishwashers and sterilizers. The nipple of the baby bottle is made with 100% hygienic medical grade silicone and the dual anti-colic vents prevent leakage and keep air from entering the bottle.


The “slow flow” feature of the nipples is true and it really helps the baby in drinking the milk from the bottle. Moreover, they are strong and sturdy and will not deform and collapse easily when sucked by babies a little too strongly. The bottle is also quite soft at the bottom part and squeezable, making babies think that they are really holding their mothers’ breast when drinking from it. It is also free from potentially toxic chemicals like BPA, PVC, and phthalate.


The texture of the silicone makes the bottle more vulnerable to hairs and lint that can easily stick on the product. The measurement labels on the bottle are bit unclear so some people will have a bit of a hard time measuring the milk that they put on the bottle. Moreover, the wideness of the bottle can pose some problems in fitting them in certain brands of bottle warmers. In addition, since the bottle is made with silicone, it takes a longer time before the milk can be warmed. The nipples are also not labeled so parents must look at the nipples closely to make sure that they are using the correct ones for their infants.