Britax Frontier Booster Car Seat

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Britax Frontier 90 Booster Car Seat is a baby car seat equipped with a Clicktight Installation System that lets parents install the equipment very easily. The True Side Impact Protection offers deep side walls and head restraint that serves as shock absorbers that distribute incoming crash forces. The SafeCell technology installed at the base keeps the child from being compressed during a car crash. The product also comes with an Integrated Steel Bars that stabilizes the connection of the car seat with the vehicle and prevents the child from being totally thrown forward when the car crashes. There’s also the Energy Absorbing Versa Tether which attaches the car seat via the top side. In addition, the product has an EZ-Buckle System for securing the child without any impeding buckle and a comfort foam that provides cushion from external injuries.


The car seat is very sturdy and does not move after installation inside the car. It is very comfortable for most toddlers and it does not bother them a bit when they are seated in it. The cup holders are also perfect to have drinks for children that are just within their hands’ reach. Moreover, the panel section of the booster secures the seat tightly and properly as soon as the car’s belt is placed underneath it. The car seat can handle a wide range of height and weight limits as well.


The car seat is quite heavy when compared to other brands and the headrest may rattle if set at a higher level. Also, the lever for adjusting the harness is set a bit deep inside the seat so some people may have a hard time reaching for it. The springs under the seat can also get stuck when adjusting the car seat. As for the cushion, the one placed on the main seat may thin out over time and may cause discomfort to children eventually. Some people on the other hand, have some trouble securing their child with car seat strap which may be attribute to the model of the car that they are using. And in the case of the seat cover clips, a child can easily remove them which will cause the seat cover to slide off with every movement made while sitting on it.