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Most parents are very protective of their babies. Starting from each step that they take to every piece of food that goes to their mouths, parents make sure that their children will end up safe in the end. So when it comes to baby bottles, it is an unspoken protocol that these things must be cleaned thoroughly to ensure that babies and toddlers will not catch anything that can cause them sickness like food poisoning.

Because breastmilk and milk formulas are prone to bacterial contamination, it is vital that baby bottles are cleaned and sterilized properly. To guide parents, there are a number of ways that they can utilize to ensure that their children will be able to drink their milk free of any contaminants.

  1. The first thing to do is to sterilize baby bottles for at least five minutes before using them for the first time. Next is making sure that soap, hot water, and baby bottle brush are always within one’s reach because these things are important tools for cleaning baby bottles.

  2. The next step includes filling the sink with hot water and adding dishwashing liquid afterwards.

  3. Soak the bottles, nipples and other baby bottle parts in the water-filled sink.

  4. Pour the water from the sink into the bottles and use the baby bottle brush to clean the interior of the baby bottles.

  5. Then clean the nipples using a nipple brush. Make sure that the nipples holes are cleaned as well. Squeeze the soap water through the nipple hole to get rid of any milk residues.

  6. Rinse the baby bottle and its other accessories with running water to ensure that no traces of soap will be left.

  7. Use sanitized tongs to handle the bottle, nipples, and other utensils and let them dry on the dish drainer.

In the case of disposable bottle liners, it is still recommended to wash them before use. Moreover, using a dishwasher in cleaning baby bottles is also recommended as long as hot water is used. Lastly, parents must see to it that their hands are clean before handling the baby bottles and using them to feed their babies.