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Gun Safety Advice

After the accidental shooting in Georgia last warning, police authorities issued a warning for parents regarding gun safety.

Last Sunday, a mother and her three kids decided to have lunch in Newnan. While in the middle of finishing their meals, one of the children, a two-year old kid, suddenly brought out his mother’s gun and fired it.

The gun was 9 mm handgun, which fortunately was held in place by screw.

However, the screw flew off and hit another one of the kids, an 11-year-old girl, in the leg.

Surgery was required to remove the screw from the girl’s leg. Her condition was deemed stable during her stay in the hospital.

Following the said incident, police warned parents that handguns are not properly equipped with safety device. Thus, it is very important for parents to keep such things out of reach of their kids.

Prior the incident, the infant managed to unzip his mom’s purse and access the compartment where the gun was stored.

Keep guns in a safe locked location, unloaded, out of the reach of kids

Be sure ammunition is kept separate and also locked.

Keys and combinations  should be hidden and secret.

Keep everything out of view.

Nursery Safety Tips

Nurseries are one place where babies will spend most of their time. Thus, parents should take time to ensure that this corner of their house serves as safe haven for their infant. It is important for parents to make nurseries as safe as possible for their kids. They should keep in mind the following things;

  • Drapery and blind cords should be out of reach of babies.

  • Smoke screen detector should be installed in the nursery.

  • Window guards should be installed; these things prevent babies from falling out from windows.

  • Cribs, playpens, and children’s furniture should be placed as far as possible form windows

  • Electrical outlets should be covered with plug protectors.

  • Lid for children’s box should not be heavy and hinged to prevent accidental entrapment of children.

  • Coo-air humidifier are better than using vaporizers. However, parents should constantly clean the equipment in their spare time to prevent bacteria and mold growth.

As for changing tables, the following tips should be carried out:

  • Changing table should come with a safety belt.

  • When changing, parents should place baby powder and other supplies as far away from their babies.

  • Parents should never leave their children alone on a changing table.

  • Cribs or changing tables should be lined with a carpet or nonskid rug.

Cribs can be made safer by the following practices:

  • When babies can already stand on their own, parents may remove bumper pads, toys, pillows, and stuffed animals from the crib.

  • When babies can already use their hands and knees to get up, parents are advised to remove crib gyms and hanging toys and decorations from cribs.

  • Parents should check cribs for elevated corner pots or decorative cutouts in end panels.

  • Cribs should be fitted with mattress, and parents should ensure that there are no gaps. This will prevent babies from slipping spaces in crib sides.

  • Parents should ensure that slots on cribs measure no more than 2 3/8 inches apart.

  • Screws and bolts should be tightly embedded on the crib.

  • The crib should be free of plastic bags and other plastic material.

  • Cribs should be free of small things that can possibly choke babies.

  • Night lights and drapes should be set far away from cribs to prevent these things from catching fire.

  • Babies should lie on their back while sleeping to reduce risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

Furniture Tip Overs

With their tendency to constantly play, children are never 100% safe even at home. Thus, it is no wonder that emergency rooms are sometimes filled with parents bringing their children for emergency care after suffering from unforeseeable accidents in their homes. Children are prone to falling from or getting hurt by different types of furniture, including desks, cabinets, or bookshelves. Naturally, kids are fond of exploring nooks and corners of their homes and that’s what makes them prone to home-related injuries.

Thus, it is the job of parents to ensure that their homes remain a safe haven for their children. Heavy furniture and other appliances, such as televisions, should be mounted on walls to prevent them from falling to children. It is better if bookshelves and dressers in kids’ rooms are also screwed on walls.

The following are other safety precautions that parents should practice to ensure safety of their children:


Furniture should be equipped with wide legs or solid bases. Meanwhile, parents are advised to install drawer stops on chests and drawers, and store heavy items on parts of shelves that are close to the floor. They can also use safety traps or L-brackets to strap their furniture to walls of their homes. On the other hand, toys and other items that may catch the attention of children should be placed on furniture top.


Flat screen TVs should be mounted on walls. However, when using TV stands, they should be compatible with brand of TV installed. Safety straps should be used to secure TVs on TV stands, which should be secured to the wall as well.

Parents should ensure that cords are properly hidden to prevent these things from tripping their children. For older version of TVs, such things must be paced on stands that are especially designed for such appliances. Older TVs should not be placed on top of dressers as these things may not be able to hold the weight of the appliance. In addition, TV stands should be placed as close to the wall as possible.

Baby Proofing

Parents always want to keep their kids safe. However, no matter how hard they try, parents will always find their children off to do something that can make their hearts jump. Moreover, it has already been shown that deaths of children under 18 are caused by preventable accidents. Thus, it is very important the parents create a safe and relaxing environment for their kids. The following are some tips that parents should try to achieve such goal.


The first step in childproofing homes is covering all exposed outlets. Parents should also be aware of all electrical outlets in their homes and consider subscribing to electrical safety solution. Sliding plate covers are preferably used for electrical sockets, whereas cords can be safely bundles using cable management products. Parents are also advised to hide surge protectors and unplug any unused electrical appliances. It is also important that children are lectured regarding electrical safety.


Fall accidents are inevitable, especially in children. Parents should ensure that no loose parts can be found in outdoor playground equipment and avoid bringing their children to playgrounds with hard surfaces. Children should be watched over when they are playing in high grounds. Window guards and window locks should also be utilized to ensure child safety.

Parents are also advised to install staircase safety gates and also use these things in their children’s rooms. Plexiglass can be installed along banisters and railings, whereas parents are discouraged from using according gates. Heavy objects should also not be installed on walls to prevent them from falling one someone’s head during earthquakes.


Emotional health of children must also be kept safe. TV shows and movies must be first previewed before being shown to minors, and children’s bedrooms should be devoid of TV and internet connection. Parents should be familiar with Television Rating System and TV Parental Guidelines in order to choose the right programs for their kids. Wireless devices and wi-fi at home should be equipped with protected locks and password. Children should also be taught regarding safe use of internet and responsible browsing of social media content.


Choking and suffocation are common causes of death. Newborns should be kept safe from suffocation by placing them in supine position after birth. Babies should also sleep on their backs, and their place of sleep should be a firm sleep surface. Parents are discouraged from using cribs with drop-side rails or putting their babies to sleep on chairs, couch, waterbeds, etc.

Babies should also have their own beds that free of bumper pads, pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals. Sleeping environment for babies should be smoke-free and free of choking hazard objects. Parents should also monitor their children while eating and only provide toys that are appropriate for their age.


The kitchen is full of potentially dangerous things, including fire, gas, electricity, kitchen utensils, chemicals, breakable glass, dishes, and garbage. To ensure children’s safety, all electrical appliances should be unplugged when not in use. Knob covers should be kept out of reach of children, whereas garbage bins should be properly covered. Prevent kids from accessing the stove or pot handles when cooking. Children should be reminded of safety guidelines when they start learning to cook. Cabinets containing potentially harmful ingredients should be installed with adhesive mount safety latches.


Curiosity of children may prompt them to try out potentially poisonous objects. Cabinets at home should be locked and out of reach of children. Parents should also ensure that no poisonous plants can be found in their gardens. They can check for such plants in Western Garden Book. Children should also be lectured regarding drug and alcohol safety and risks associated with prescription medicines.


Guns are very dangerous and thus must be kept inaccessible to children. These things should be kept in locked safes, and separate locked safes should be allotted for ammunition. Children should also be taught regarding gun safety, whereas parents are advised to learn their state’s gun laws.


Babies and children are prone to electrical accidents, drowning, and fire accidents. Such instances can be prevented by keeping bathroom doors constantly closed. Parents should not leave their babies alone in baths and they should ensure that all electrical appliances are unplugged. Bathroom floors should be lined with non-slip bath mat or bath decal stickers. Faucets and shower heads should be equipped with anti-scalding device. Cabinets containing potentially toxic cosmetic products should also be locked.

Children should also receive formal training in swimming and wear life jackets while still learning. Home pools should be equipped with child-safe pool fence with self-closing and self-latching gates. Parents are also advised to take CPR courses and learn about signs of secondary drowning.


Mirrors should be installed in garage to eliminate blind spots. Parents should also clean up any sharp or dangerous tools. Electrical tools should be unplugged when not in use. Tools should be locked safely and kept out of reach of children. All chemicals and toxic substances should be placed in high shelves and secured to prevent them from falling during earthquakes. Car seats for children should be properly installed, and parents should not leave their children alone in their vehicles. Parents are also advised from letting their children sit on their laps while driving.

Meanwhile, yards are more safe when equipped with fence or gate. Children should also be monitored when playing outdoors especially when they are apt to put objects in their mouth. Parents should also check outdoor toys and environment before letting their kids play.


Parents are advised to install security wall hangers for wall arts and mirrors and fireplace safety locks to prevent their children from accessing fireplaces. Front doors and exits should be equipped with doorknob covers, but children should also still be advised regarding the danger of opening doors to strangers. Meanwhile, sharp corners and edges in furniture should be installed with foam edge guards and corner cushions. Large objects should be properly secured in walls to prevent them from falling.

Britax Frontier Booster Car Seat

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Britax Frontier 90 Booster Car Seat is a baby car seat equipped with a Clicktight Installation System that lets parents install the equipment very easily. The True Side Impact Protection offers deep side walls and head restraint that serves as shock absorbers that distribute incoming crash forces. The SafeCell technology installed at the base keeps the child from being compressed during a car crash. The product also comes with an Integrated Steel Bars that stabilizes the connection of the car seat with the vehicle and prevents the child from being totally thrown forward when the car crashes. There’s also the Energy Absorbing Versa Tether which attaches the car seat via the top side. In addition, the product has an EZ-Buckle System for securing the child without any impeding buckle and a comfort foam that provides cushion from external injuries.


The car seat is very sturdy and does not move after installation inside the car. It is very comfortable for most toddlers and it does not bother them a bit when they are seated in it. The cup holders are also perfect to have drinks for children that are just within their hands’ reach. Moreover, the panel section of the booster secures the seat tightly and properly as soon as the car’s belt is placed underneath it. The car seat can handle a wide range of height and weight limits as well.


The car seat is quite heavy when compared to other brands and the headrest may rattle if set at a higher level. Also, the lever for adjusting the harness is set a bit deep inside the seat so some people may have a hard time reaching for it. The springs under the seat can also get stuck when adjusting the car seat. As for the cushion, the one placed on the main seat may thin out over time and may cause discomfort to children eventually. Some people on the other hand, have some trouble securing their child with car seat strap which may be attribute to the model of the car that they are using. And in the case of the seat cover clips, a child can easily remove them which will cause the seat cover to slide off with every movement made while sitting on it.

Comotomo Baby Bottle

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Comotomo Baby Bottle is designed to mimic breastfeeding in babies so that they will not reject the bottle that much. It has a wide neck which allows easy cleaning of the bottle without the use of a brush. The product can also be used safely in microwaves, boiling water, as well as dishwashers and sterilizers. The nipple of the baby bottle is made with 100% hygienic medical grade silicone and the dual anti-colic vents prevent leakage and keep air from entering the bottle.


The “slow flow” feature of the nipples is true and it really helps the baby in drinking the milk from the bottle. Moreover, they are strong and sturdy and will not deform and collapse easily when sucked by babies a little too strongly. The bottle is also quite soft at the bottom part and squeezable, making babies think that they are really holding their mothers’ breast when drinking from it. It is also free from potentially toxic chemicals like BPA, PVC, and phthalate.


The texture of the silicone makes the bottle more vulnerable to hairs and lint that can easily stick on the product. The measurement labels on the bottle are bit unclear so some people will have a bit of a hard time measuring the milk that they put on the bottle. Moreover, the wideness of the bottle can pose some problems in fitting them in certain brands of bottle warmers. In addition, since the bottle is made with silicone, it takes a longer time before the milk can be warmed. The nipples are also not labeled so parents must look at the nipples closely to make sure that they are using the correct ones for their infants.

AVENT Natural Glass Bottle

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Most parents are very protective of their babies. Starting from each step that they take to every piece of food that goes to their mouths, parents make sure that their children will end up safe in the end. So when it comes to baby bottles, it is an unspoken protocol that these things must be cleaned thoroughly to ensure that babies and toddlers will not catch anything that can cause them sickness like food poisoning.

Because breastmilk and milk formulas are prone to bacterial contamination, it is vital that baby bottles are cleaned and sterilized properly. To guide parents, there are a number of ways that they can utilize to ensure that their children will be able to drink their milk free of any contaminants.

  1. The first thing to do is to sterilize baby bottles for at least five minutes before using them for the first time. Next is making sure that soap, hot water, and baby bottle brush are always within one’s reach because these things are important tools for cleaning baby bottles.

  2. The next step includes filling the sink with hot water and adding dishwashing liquid afterwards.

  3. Soak the bottles, nipples and other baby bottle parts in the water-filled sink.

  4. Pour the water from the sink into the bottles and use the baby bottle brush to clean the interior of the baby bottles.

  5. Then clean the nipples using a nipple brush. Make sure that the nipples holes are cleaned as well. Squeeze the soap water through the nipple hole to get rid of any milk residues.

  6. Rinse the baby bottle and its other accessories with running water to ensure that no traces of soap will be left.

  7. Use sanitized tongs to handle the bottle, nipples, and other utensils and let them dry on the dish drainer.

In the case of disposable bottle liners, it is still recommended to wash them before use. Moreover, using a dishwasher in cleaning baby bottles is also recommended as long as hot water is used. Lastly, parents must see to it that their hands are clean before handling the baby bottles and using them to feed their babies.

Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate

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Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate is an easy to install and remove pressure-mounted gate measuring 29 x 40 inches. It can be mounted at the top of the stairs or on doorways using the wall cups to affix the gate on the wall. The product also comes with a lever style handle and a lock that can be released with a single touch. Made with 100% durable steel, the gate is JPMA certified and qualifies to the standards set by the ASTM.


Aside from securing doorways and top stairs, the latch for closing the gate can easily be handled with just one hand. Moreover, adults learn quickly how to maneuver the handle but it will take children with small hands a bit more time to let themselves out of the gate. The coils situated on the sides also provides the gate with great tension making it even more sturdier. There’s also an extension that allows installing the gate in wider spaces.


Some customers have trouble connecting the latch to the other part of the gate while other have trouble figuring out how to install the gate properly. Other people on the other hand, received packages that do not fit to the places where they intended to install the gate. There are also some parents who claim that their children have managed to open the gate or bend the bars.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

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Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller Phantom comes with large bicycle tires capable of rolling along different kinds of surfaces. The front swivel wheel allows for easy steering and the product is equipped with locks for jogging. There’s also the reclining padded seat, a harness, a tether strap, large canopy, and a basket for holding a child’s belongings. The stroller also has two cup holders and can be folded for easy storage.


The swivel/lock option is perfect when the family is strolling along roads and trails. The trays can also hold a number of items like phones and other gadgets. Moreover, the basket is quite spacious and is able to hold a number of things. The canopy has a flap that can be rolled up so parents can check on their toddlers more easily and an additional overhead sun shield that can be adjusted to block the sun from the front or even from behind. As for the car seat, the thing is set in a way that the child faces the parents and not the other way around so customers will have no trouble attending to their children right away.


Though it can be folded after use, some customers may find the product a bit bulky as compared to other brands of strollers. The basket won’t also be able to hold a lot of things if the seat is reclining all the way. The locks are installed separately on the wheels so people will have to lock them one by one. In addition, it is also necessary to check the tires every now and then to make sure that they are still full of air.